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Adding a Menubar to Our Sample Editor [ID:017] (4/5)

in series: Python GUI Programming with wxPython

video tutorial by Kyran Dale, added 03/07

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In this video we show how to add a statusbar and menubar to our wxPython MainWindow frame. The statusbar allows one to easily output information to the user while the menubar provides a readily extendible system of hierarchical menus. Note how wxPython preserves the look and feel of your respective operating system.

See additional information and source code in the wiki(PythonWxPythonBeginnersSeries).

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74. ifatifti Wed, 13 Oct 2010 12:02

still top notch, I scrambled an app together before using tkinter, since its longevity is proving greater than expected I am planning to refactor and put into wx

73. JoseJamn Sun, 10 Oct 2010 22:56

Thanks for the video, I'd actually been throwing my appends into their own identifiers for tidiness. Nice to know that I can directly append the data into the structure.

72. Edwardnig Mon, 27 Sep 2010 07:48

Really good

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Excellent video

70. wholesale snapback hats Tue, 03 Aug 2010 13:36

Excellent video

69. fenasocek Sun, 25 Jul 2010 10:55

Thanks for the video.

I am currently learning python and WX and this was a nice jump start.

68. USA Newest Marlboro Gold 100s Cigarettes 30 Cartons Sat, 24 Jul 2010 03:20

Very good

Thank you very much for your effort in producing this series of videos to introduce a new user to python.

B Leslie.

66. retwants Thu, 15 Jul 2010 12:46

Good stuff, keep going, though I gather this is quite old, and you have, so thank you for anticipating this message from the future.

Superb demo was going to try and learn Kbasic as well as python after watching this realise no point will just stick with python

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Great videos. Thanks for sharing.

63. ray ban outlet Sun, 02 May 2010 07:26

Thank you ! This is one of the best way to learn new things.

62. adalikivifoq Sun, 02 May 2010 04:18

Very useful and easily understood. Looking forward to more from you!

61. セール対象商品 人気急上昇 Wed, 21 Apr 2010 06:43

Brill Tutorial. But how would one go about creating a wizard style dialogue box, if the app signal is only connected to that one window?

60. baselsvt Mon, 01 Mar 2010 16:03

Most accessible intro to wxPython on the web. Congrats and thanks Kyran!

59. moncler jackets men Thu, 18 Feb 2010 22:55

Thanks. Keep up the good work.

58. BREAD MAKER KITS Wed, 10 Feb 2010 08:07

Very good, thanks..

57. RT Travel & Incentives » mac the makeup store More Information About GD9R9 586 Tue, 09 Feb 2010 15:18


I am watching the videos about wxPython and the part of menu I understood. The sintaxe of Window is complicate. But I am a pacient person. Congratulations for the videos.



56. marinir seo Sat, 06 Feb 2010 15:44

another good tutorial

55. marinir seo Sat, 16 Jan 2010 23:12

good tutorial

54. Bogner Deutschland Wandern Anti-Statik- Franca Rose Drucken Sun, 10 Jan 2010 19:33

i like this website.

53. anonymous Fri, 01 Jan 2010 02:35

Very cool. One of the best GUI tutorials I have seen.

52. anonymous Mon, 07 Dec 2009 23:39

second look, good

51. anonymous Thu, 03 Dec 2009 08:24

i am new on python programing...

i want study, thanks for tutorial

50. anonymous Wed, 25 Nov 2009 08:42

Love these videos, excellent introduction to wxPython

While following along I was briefly confused why I was getting an error and you were not. I didn't have ID_ABOUT and ID_EXIT defined, which you defined but didn't do so in this video and hence I didn't notice.

49. anonymous Fri, 13 Nov 2009 00:15

Great job!

I love all your videos.

Thanks a lot and keep the great work going

48. anonymous Wed, 04 Nov 2009 12:39

wonderful video :))

I am very happy with the presentation.

47. anonymous Tue, 27 Oct 2009 19:53

Your videos on wxPython are excellent and have been a great help in getting me started. Please keep them coming!

46. anonymous Mon, 19 Oct 2009 07:09

great video, simple and i will start with writing my very first GUI application..thx for the tutorial..

45. anonymous Sun, 18 Oct 2009 13:06

Thank You


44. anonymous Thu, 15 Oct 2009 02:50

Hi, guy.

I am glad to see this video.

It makes me realise that lots of people are learing andusing python to programm. I'm using python to programm. Can you give me more information about how to programm in wxpython

43. anonymous Wed, 30 Sep 2009 10:47

These videos are helpful, thanks. I needed a quick introduction to wx and this is a good one.

42. anonymous Tue, 22 Sep 2009 19:05

Watching, and coding along-side, is helping me remember the structure and syntax better. I like this model of learning.

41. anonymous Fri, 28 Aug 2009 20:15

These videos on wxPython are very helpful. Much appreciated.

40. anonymous Thu, 27 Aug 2009 09:49

Thank you for the tip about the Underlines becoming visible once the alt key is pressed.

39. anonymous Mon, 24 Aug 2009 23:58

It was like you've just read my last statement. You've explained your reason and it was very helpful. Enjoyed the demo.

38. anonymous Mon, 24 Aug 2009 23:51

Thank you for the precisely conducted presentation of addition of menu items. Please continue this series of video articles.

37. anonymous Sat, 15 Aug 2009 01:58

good one.. very useful

36. anonymous Sat, 08 Aug 2009 13:54

Been away from ShowMeDo for quite some time and I notice that you are going strong. Thanks for the helpful tutorials and keep them coming. I just can't believe how much code reduction is achieved using wx.python, especially over C. Great....just great.

35. anonymous Sat, 08 Aug 2009 07:49

Also excellent, though I did not notice you had set the values of ID_ABOUT and ID_EXIT at the top of the code, and I do not understand what those numbers signify.

33. anonymous Wed, 29 Jul 2009 12:22

Really nice and helpful. Keep going :D

32. anonymous Mon, 20 Jul 2009 08:10

I found this very helpful. Sometimes the mouse in the video did get in the way of what was being typed. I found myself reaching for my mouse to correct it, which of course does not work. Not a big deal, and I'm sure that others have pointed this out.

Thanks for all the hard work.

31. anonymous Wed, 15 Jul 2009 09:41

Great work. I know how to program C++ and wanted to learn python with wxPython. You helped me take the first steps easily!

30. anonymous Sat, 11 Jul 2009 12:02

Thanks again for the series.

29. anonymous Sat, 04 Jul 2009 18:17

cool to learn how the menu bar is made

28. anonymous Tue, 23 Jun 2009 16:15

It's easy to learn wxPython with this video. thanks.

27. anonymous Mon, 22 Jun 2009 22:46

Simple explanation but perfect.

26. anonymous Sun, 21 Jun 2009 13:04

tell me more !

25. anonymous Thu, 18 Jun 2009 09:29

Hi ! thanks for the great videos on wxPython and as I can see that you are one of the co-founders of this website I can only thank you again :)

24. anonymous Wed, 17 Jun 2009 14:36


23. anonymous Thu, 28 May 2009 13:04

Love the videos on wxPython, they're very helpful. One small annoyance is that the cursor is often right over where the typing is occuring, and this is rather distracting. All in all, they are very helpful videos.


22. anonymous Thu, 21 May 2009 14:53

That's a amazing video. You can learn Python and wxPython live. That is from and for big humans. I recommend.

21. anonymous Mon, 18 May 2009 00:31

Great tutorial! Very useful to see how the wx menus are to be set up. Good and clear explanations.

20. anonymous Fri, 15 May 2009 11:45

A very good introduction to the wx library. Just what I was looking for.

19. anonymous Wed, 06 May 2009 14:04

Your way to teaching is superb. I am learning so fast and can then sit down and deduce how to apply what you just showed to other things I want to do.

18. anonymous Fri, 01 May 2009 22:04

Thanks again!

Looks easy....

17. anonymous Thu, 23 Apr 2009 09:07

Everything's well described, I really appreciate your videos.

I'm a french student (Masters Degree) and, as I've got to work with wxPython during my work placement, your videos are helpful.

Keep on like this, you're great !

16. anonymous Sat, 18 Apr 2009 13:00

Well done

15. anonymous Thu, 12 Feb 2009 11:19

Really nice tutorial, im a beginner at python and enjoyed this tutorial. Keep it up

Thanks for the examples. I learn best from working code. I also learn best by reproducing your examples so the pacing is about right for me. If it were any faster, I would not be able to keep up.

(I guess I could pause until I catch up.)

13. anonymous Tue, 16 Dec 2008 01:52

Just heard about showmedo and watched one of your wxPython videos...terrific! I have had to learn so many technologies from printed material only that I've procrastinated for several years on learning Python.

Very quickly these videos should give me a general sense of what is to be done to design and code Python GUI aps. Invaluable!

I'll stop here before I get carried away with exclamation points. Thanks for your videos, & much thanks to all involved with showmedo.


I like the application development. if possible can you make more in depth application design. i like the way you explain things.



Review of Adding a Menubar to Our Sample Editor

Thanks a lot Kyran, these videos are very helpful. I have just subscribed to the ShowMeDo Club and already I feel I've got my moneys worth. I'm concurrently reading a Python textbook and I find these videos to be invaluable resources to learning, really gets you up and running quickly & w/ 200+ some tutorials, I can find just what I'm looking for. I would have had to spend $90 + some dollars in textbooks to get the same amount of information in w/ just $30 w/ the club! Really makes you feel like you are in the classroom environment; teaching you every step of the way! Which by the way I cannot take a course on Python at my college, because of course they don't offer it. I find ShowMeDo videos to be of exceptionally high quality(in both video and sound); unlike many of the tutorials on youtube (which there are very few). The members here are very knowledgeable, so I feel confident that I am getting good info. This Club is a brilliant idea, I am proud to be a member, I wish you much success in the future!

I know you will be: )

10. anonymous Sun, 08 Jun 2008 15:43

Review of Adding a Menubar to Our Sample Editor

Good content. Please take these comments as constructive criticism, and not snarky remarks.

1. The mouth "smacking" sounds need to go. They make for terrible audio. Try sipping from a glass of room-temperature water during before or during recording to prevent stickiness.

2. Please keep the cursor off the code.

3. The pace is too slow (may be just my opinion).


9. anonymous Wed, 21 May 2008 03:58


Another good job. Very easy to understand and follow along. Thanks!

Good job !

I appreciate a lot the work you do at ShowMeDo


6. anonymous Fri, 21 Mar 2008 07:32

I really like this tutorial :D Great work,

- A guy from norway

5. anonymous Sun, 03 Feb 2008 08:43

extremely useful for a newbie. thanks! and now I begin wxing...

4. anonymous Sun, 09 Dec 2007 12:54

I've written console mode programs for personal use for years now, never daring to do a GUI program - I think you're encouraging me to take the leap. Great work.

3. anonymous Wed, 29 Aug 2007 15:17

That's nice! I think about using wx now.

2. anonymous Tue, 29 May 2007 08:10

I'm a newbie at Python and really appreciate you taking the time to make this video.


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A First wxPython Application

Great video

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