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GIMP - Channels dialog, selection masks & layer masks - [ID:844] (6/11)

in series: GIMP tutorial by example.

video tutorial by gasto, added 08/08

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We learn what the channels are under the 'channels dialog'. I recommend you add the channel tab at the 'layers dialog', since manipulating layers and channels becomes easier, especially when constantly dealing with both. We understand the fact that an RGB pixel is made out of red, green, and blue, and that the combination of these primary colours gives the rest of colours viewable in a PC monitor. We visualize the image by 'unviewing' the red, green or blue channels. And we create layer masks for manipulating transparency easier. We also deal with the selection masks, which are a form of selection that lets you manipulate a layer only in the white parts of the 'channel(selection) drawable' represented by a thumbnail at the channels dialog, the grey parts are modified less(more transparency), and black being completely transparent.

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Channels and paths are two different approaches to selection, as you have noted. Learning more about paths and channels will give you a better idea when to use one or the other. For example, use paths for delimiting the perimeter of a silhouette, use channels to create gradient selections (somewhat like the feathering tool), you can use the white for opaqueness, black for transparency and the grey levels in between for gradient selections.

2. azxakawizi Fri, 09 Apr 2010 15:27

When you create a selection and save it to a channel and save the same selection to a path what is the difference in what you can do with the selction in the path vs. the selection in the channel?

This one wasn't up to your usual standard of clarity. I still am confused about the differences between the channels, masks, alpha layer and which is transparent when white or opaque when white. Confusing, and I watched several times. You had technical problems deleting the layers, but when I tried it deleting the background layer worked, so it was a technical problem in your version. It would be better to redo this video. If you redo it, please use the same language for the program as you speak in and use the most current version of GIMP (2.6.6 as I write this). Especially for difficult topics, not being able to follow what you do on the menu makes it even more confusing. I do appreciate you doing these videos, and am offering these suggestions because I have liked the others so very much.

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Kudos and Thanks for gasto

The basics of Javascript.

Thank you very much for the video

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