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Installing PCLinuxOS [ID:564] (1/2)

in series: Installing and using Linux

video tutorial by Jaqui, added 03/08

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This updated first video is the complete installation of PCLinuxOS from the livecd into a VMWare virtual machine. It includes a small amount of the basic configuration, required for functionality, as well as custom partitioning of the drive space, reasons why filesystem type was picked and a general overview of what the partitions are used for.

I also included a quick overview of the GUI used by PCLinuxOS, which is KDE [ the K Desktop Environment ], this GUI is designed to look and feel similar to Windows, unlike the GNOME [ Gnu Network Object Model Environment ] used by Ubuntu. GNOME is meant to look and feel like the MacOS instead of Windows. The update addresses the sound quality and include some recently learned data.

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19. Sun, 22 Aug 2010 12:40

this is a grate video,more grease to your elbow

18. the north face apex bionic jacket Tue, 02 Mar 2010 06:55

Good intro. Thanks!

17. anonymous Thu, 12 Nov 2009 13:46

nice vid, very informative!

16. anonymous Tue, 03 Mar 2009 21:07

Wonderful Jaqui, You linked me here from TR. Thanks for the link and thanks BIG TIME for the information here. You answer a lot of questions that don't get answered anywhere else. I'm like a 3 year old kid; I don't only have to know "how", I also have to know "why" before I understand.

15. anonymous Mon, 09 Feb 2009 04:44

perhaps you could have skipped much of the actual install and cut the video by 15 minutes? Good stuff though.

14. anonymous Sat, 02 Aug 2008 18:55

I would appreciate seeing a video showing how to install PCLinuxOS with Windows as a double boot. I have read several tutorials about it but a visual is rarely used. I am ready to install but still am not sure how to partition Windows and how much space to give Windows and how much to give each each section for Linux. I believe all new users from Windows would like to see this.

Thank you.

13. anonymous Mon, 07 Jul 2008 00:13

Waiting for the complete process was a bit of a drag. Explanation of partitioning was short but really useful.

Use the power of video editing to cut down the wait!

12. anonymous Sun, 01 Jun 2008 19:13

Great video. I had persistent GRUB related error. Following the video and switching to LILO helped me to install PCLinuxOS.

11. anonymous Sat, 03 May 2008 09:57

Review of Installing PCLinuxOS

Great video, most informative. What hardware are you using for your computer?

Thanks for the video. It's very informative on how to install PCLinux OS. Lots of info I din't find on the PCLinux OS website. If you can adjust the volume a little bit higher and speak directly into the mic on your next video that would be perfect.

9. anonymous Sun, 13 Apr 2008 18:53

Hi I'm davecs. I am one of the Dev team for PCLinuxOS, though I am a tester rather than a developer or packager. Your video is very good, and shows how easy installing Linux can be.

The main aim of Texstar and the gang is to make it easy to switch from Windows to Linux, and to make people want to.

Just a couple of things in your video. For a new user, creating a separate /usr partition isn't really necessary, though /home and swap are. We recommend ext3 as a little more reliable than xfs, though you correctly say that generally people can accept defaults. We also do not recommend checking the "clear /tmp " box for beginning users.

Although PCLinuxOS uses synaptic, this is a GUI for "apt-4-rpm" so PCLOS is NOT Debian based. It was forked from Mandriva, but we preferred Synaptic to urpmi.

Anyway, your real time video, 34 minutes long, shows a complete operating system installed with tons of software and no need for driver discs for your hardware, and no need for reboots after every driver disk. It's a lot easier than installing Windows!


8. anonymous Thu, 10 Apr 2008 00:17


dunno, looks kinda excruciatingly painful to me.

guess who?

really now. it's 12:17:46am

what planet are you on?

they're right. the volume is too low. crank it up a bit next time, okee-dokee? ;)

the type in the PCLOS dialogue boxes is kinda fuzzy too.

Actually, well done Jaqui. Dang if I ain't gonna have to give it a go...

7. anonymous Wed, 09 Apr 2008 05:12

Hey really Good. Very educational. Guess who?

Ok, uploaded an updated version, I hope it addresses the sound issue, if not, there isn't anything more I can do, you'll have to turn the volume up on your speakers ;)

I added a bit of extra information, that I myself recently learned, about the bootloader and filesystem.

Grub, and Grub2, do not play nice with the new spec for the ext2 [ and ext3 ] filesytem, if you hav trouble booting a linux disro with a filesystem not recognized error, that is th source of the problem, reinstall the distro and use lilo, then it will work.

I just bought a better microphone, so I'll remake this one to address the audio issue, then make a second video on the recommended configuration changes at first boot today.

I'll stick a link to this video in the Aprill addition of the PClos Mag


no problem, I'm happy to contribute on a subject as close to my heart.

I've sent PCLinuxOS an email giving them both a direct link to the series and the main ite index. I'm pretty sure they will add a link to it.

I'll double check my recording settings to address the volume issue for the next one.

Hi Jaqui, this makes for a great first video, thanks for adding it :-)

It is very involved, it is great to see how much work you put into covering the whole install process.

I added 3 links into your description for PCLinuxOS, Gnome and KDE.

Maybe you know someone in the PCLinuxOS forums who would want to link to the video from their main site?



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