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Version Control with Subversion 8 [ID:291] (8/8)

in series: Software Carpentry - Version Control with Subversion

video tutorial by Chris Lasher, added 06/07

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We conclude by assessing the topics and commands we've covered, mentioning more advanced Subversion topics, and giving acknowledgments.

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33. buy pendant lights online australia Mon, 11 Oct 2010 04:48

Thanks very much, this was a useful series of screencasts for me. Yes, it would be useful if you were to make a further video on branches, although myself I will probably have found out about them another way by then. Thanks again.

32. nba live 1 Thu, 19 Aug 2010 05:02

Thanks Chris, The journey through this tutorial was easy and simple, honestly learnt more than reading the book in a short period of time, wish I had found this earlier.

31. maccosmeticswholesalers mac makeup 13pcs brushes c 1 Fri, 13 Aug 2010 00:28

Thanks for your detailed explain about SVN basics. I enjoyed learning it. It is great stuff for new commers. I love it. Please also post the advanced content also (branching, mergeing branch, tagging and other stuffs.)

Thanks always,


Thanks for the the course on insight Chris It gave me lots of insights into version control in general and subversion in particular.

Best Regards

David Spiess

29. mbt zuri shoes Fri, 28 May 2010 11:15

Awesome. Thanks for making it so simple to understand.

28. cheap ray bans Fri, 09 Apr 2010 00:24

Thank You very much for these videos. They are really helpful and informative

27. akawunah Mon, 29 Mar 2010 22:37

Just learned of Subversion. Looking for Linux GUI. Initially my interest is single user but later will include cohorts. I'm thinking now that the command line interface you demoed may well be sufficient. Thanks for providing it. It helps much. I'm not yet clewed in on trunks and branches and would be tickled to see a similar presentation on them. Thanks for your contributions.

26. cheap michael kors handbags Wed, 24 Mar 2010 09:59

GREAT! svn tutorial. Thanks for your screencast.

Though I am using svn for a year, this gives me insight and encourage to work from command line. esp, when working in linux and mac without tortoiseSVN.

25. marinir seo Tue, 12 Jan 2010 12:11

Thanks a lot! awesome!

24. cheap air jordan shoes Sun, 10 Jan 2010 14:24

Thanks for the svn screencasts. They are awesome and taught me quite a few things. I use svn at work, but haven't used anything other then co, ci, update, and stat. Your screencasts taught me a lot more.


23. anonymous Sat, 19 Dec 2009 14:04

Thanks for the videos. They are very informative and the command are good enough to get started on using SVN.

Great Job again by posting the videos.

22. anonymous Wed, 18 Nov 2009 21:39

great tutorial. thanks

21. anonymous Fri, 09 Oct 2009 20:40

Great, this was just what I was looking for. I find it so much easier learning from videos.

Thank you a lot for creating this series!

20. anonymous Wed, 26 Aug 2009 09:04

i m window os user can i see the tutorial of subversion but example is based on linux i want windows based example.

Great work. They give a great overview of all the basic functions.


I really appreciate your efforts. As an amateur programmer, I've been trying to break out into the "real world" lately by expanding my skills. I think you're right in saying that the use of these ancillary tools is a necessity among both amateurs and professionals.

Once again, I realize the incredible amount of time and energy that creating even a "basic introduction" can take. Thank you so much for stepping up. I enjoyed it.

17. anonymous Thu, 23 Apr 2009 18:05

Chris Lasher :


Thank you very much for taking the time to help others.

It was really interesting seeing VIM for the first time. I am fortunate to work in OS X and use BBEdit as the editor of choice. It is several thousand light years ahead,

I recently got SVNserve going on my OS X Server, and am able to access the repository using SSH and http on the local lan, and via the web, I have tried CornerStone, Versions, and SynchroSVNClient and have pretty much decided on the latter for my client GUI.

The next leap will be getting TRAC working with SVN.

If you ever get a Mac there is a great site 'MacPorts' that provides simple installs for anything 'UNIX' for the Mac.

Enough of boring you with what I am interested in.

THANKS a million for the great tutorial, and for sharing your efforts.

Best Regards,

Bill Hernandez

Plano, Texas

Yes, a branching and merging showmedo screencast series would be nice. Also nice (but not as applicable to a general audience) would be a series on subversion administration.

thanks again,



Hi Chris please give some time on windows, Our aim should be to show the capability of Subversion to windows users.


Night Safari

you made a great job, I really felt a kind of need to say Thank you.. thanks for your effort and sharing it with us... take care chris...

Thank you, again, for the great screen casts. I recently created a googlecode project and had no idea how to use subversion. I now have a the knowledge to manage my code.


This series and your series on working with the shell are a couple of the best ones I've seen. I am almost embarrassed to admit that I've never used any kind of version control application. My method has been to create a script that will backup all my code to a new folder. If I am about to make big changes to my code or have just finished making changes I double-click the script so I'll at least have a backup of the code that I can look for in case I mess things up. This series and this comment thread talking about the GUI frontend available for SNV has convinced me to give it a try. Thanks!


11. anonymous Mon, 10 Dec 2007 23:01

Review of Version Control with Subversion 8

Excellent job chris !!

10. anonymous Thu, 16 Aug 2007 10:34

Love it, thanks!

9. anonymous Tue, 03 Jul 2007 07:22

Chris Lasher, Ian

Thanks for the replies. I look forward for the mysteriou 9th vedio.

I did like Subversion very much and used it about 2 yrs back, then not much of the GUI clients were there.

The windows folks invaribly go to VSS, aka, SOURCESAFE. Yes, we can not do away with a configuration managent system, tool or a manual labrios system. Apprecate your poin there.


It is a good idea, but I'm not the one really using Tortoise on Windows - that's Kyran. Might try to have a crack at this in our next two weeks on remind me!


Hey Ian, would you be interested in actually creating the mysterious "Episode 9" (even better than the "Fifth Beatle"!) to this series--a brief companion demoing where all these commands are in TortoiseSVN?

(BTW, "Episode 9" would make a great name for a rock band.)

Chris, Murty - just to say that I'm a happy SVN-Windows user through TortoiseSVN. We use it as the source-control system for ShowMeDo, sync'd via a server running on linux (which I access through the command line via ssh).

We use 2 dev machines and have 2 deployments (1 beta and this live one) and svn+Tortoise does a great job...couldn't live without it in fact. Add in unit-tests and you've a winning combination.

Re. the series saying '9' videos, looks like we have a bug, I'll mail Kyran to take a look.


Hi Murty,

Thanks for watching and for your kind comments. As of right now I do not plan to cover Subversion on Windows. Thanks to point-and-click-friendly TortoiseSVN client, I think it's pretty easy to apply these screencasts to the fenestrated OS. All the commands apply in the same manner, but are instead accessed in a GUI fashion.

That said, it would always help to have a demonstration. Hopefully someone more familiar with TortoiseSVN or another GUI client can step up and get a screencast for ShowMeDo to accompany this series for the benefit of our fellow Windows users.

I am sad to hear that, in your experience, Windows developers shy away from Subversion. Hopefully they use *some* form of SCM. If not, at least make sure you do. When your colleagues lose valuable work due to a foolish delete or can't roll back code to a previously working state while refactoring, point them to this series and say, "This will help you next time." And when they see the ease with which you manage your own code and documents, they will get the hint.

Also, worry not: the total number of videos in this series is indeed 8, not 9 as the site currently indicates.


Hi CY,

Thank you very much for your kind comments. I always underestimate the time and effort it takes to create a series like this, so when I finish one, I'm really relieved someone actually watches it, and very grateful when he/she actually finds it helpful!

I targeted you and others who have not previously used Subversion (or any version control system) to encourage them to make use of this great tool. I'm glad to know that you could easily follow the series. =-D


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Kudos and Thanks for Chris

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