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Introduction to Boa Constructor [ID:401]

a series of video-tutorials by cmpython

A nine video series introducing Boa Constructor, a free cross-platform wxPython IDE and visual GUI builder. The series assumes only a basic familiarity with Python or wxPython.

Useful Links: Download Boa Constructor 0.6.1

Boa Constructor Help Forum

Video Tutorials

1. 1 - Overview of Boa Constructor and How to Get It

A basic introduction to the Boa Constructor IDE/visual GUI builder for wxPython. Describes what it can do and how to get the most recent version up and running on your computer. In this series I am using Boa 0.6.1 with wxPython and Python 2.5, running on Windows XP (see below for issues with Ubuntu; I have not tested it on Mac). Please note: for users running Boa on Mac or Linux, shoul [...]

2. 2 - Feature Tour of Boa Constructor and 'Hello, World!'

Here I give a quick tour of Boa Constructor's features and then show you how to create a Hello, World! application without writing any Python code yourself--Boa will write it for you.

3. 3 - The Palette in Boa Constructor

This video shows the various options available from clicking on the Palette, including a large number of wxPython widgets as well as help books. The Palette allows you to select widgets to lay out in a Designer session, and also acts as the main frame of Boa, in that, if you close it, you exit Boa Constructor (unless you hide it from within The Editor).

4. 4 - The Inspector in Boa Constructor

In this video I discuss Boa Constructor's Inspector in some detail. The Inspector allows one to easily examine (or inspect) the objects in the GUI, and then change them. It also allows binding of events, and inspection of the object hierarchy.

5. 5 - The Frame Designer in Boa Constructor

This is a brief tour of the Designer in Boa Constructor, which lets you place and move wxPython widgets around on a design window, allowing you to get a sense of how your app will look. Although ultimately I recommend using wxPython sizers, sometimes for beginners it is useful to play with moving widgets manually to try out different layout schemes. More advanced users could also use it to make [...]

6. 6 - The Editor in Boa Constructor, Part I

The Editor has tons of interesting features, both for code editing and generally manipulating your wxPython projects. I've broken the videos into two parts. This is part I, in which I mainly discuss the code editing features (the IDE aspect of Boa Constructor), such as code folding, cut/copy/paste, code transformation, code completion, call tips, context help, browse to, indent/dedent, and comm [...]

7. 7 - The Editor in Boa Constructor, Part II

In this second of two videos on The Editor in Boa Constructor, I show more features, including some interesting ones, such as Find/Replace, the TODO list, the explore feature, the profiler, Add Module Info, and other features. Some other features of the Editor are also given in the final video in this series, on 12 tips for using Boa Constructor. Note: About 7:48 into this video I accidentally r [...]

8. 8 - Using Sizers in Boa Constructor

Sizers are the way to go for layout of widgets in wxPython, but learning how to use them can be difficult. This video shows how to use the Designer, Inspector, and Palette to create a very simple layout using a boxsizer and flexgrid sizer. Please note that this is very introductory, just to give the basic idea, and there is much more than can be shown, but this is an introductory series. For ex [...]

9. 9 - 12 Tips, 6 'bugs' and some resources for Boa Constructor

Here I quickly go over 12 tips for enhancing one's use of Boa Constructor, mention 6 minor issues that are easily gotten around, and point to a few resources for learning more about Boa. This is the final video in this series. Since making this I have noticed that the problems on Ubuntu Linux 8.10 on a 64 bit machine (or others?) are not really solved enough yet by the info in that one link. Le [...]

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Kudos and Thanks for cmpython

6 - The Editor in Boa Constructor, Part I


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