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GIMP tutorial by example. [ID:282]

a series of video-tutorials by gasto

In these series I aim to show the tools GIMP has, and start from the beginning creating experiments which might lead to some cool 2D image effects.

Video Tutorials

1. GIMP - How to use the tools, part I -

We quickly view the main functions of the implemented tools on the GIMP tool dialog. The elliptic selection tool, the pencil, the color selection, the darken brush, the smudge tool, etc. are just some of the helpful tools that GIMP includes. We make some experiments just to show what can be done. Visit my YouTube channel for more GIMP tutorials.

2. GIMP - How to use the tools, part II -

We take care of the rest of the tools not seen on the previous tutorial. These tools include the brush, the crop tool, the blur tool, the inclination tool, the text, the gradient tool, the eraser, etc. Visit my YouTube channel for more GIMP tutorials.

3. GIMP - Patterns -

We create a patterned image by using various contiguous tiles. These creates a seamless background, useful for 'infinite' scrolling backgrounds in videogames, or webpage backgrounds, wich simplifies the works required to create complex backgrounds. Just imagine how much time it would take for a 2D artist to create a detailed 800 times 600 image. Now imagine how much would it take to make a 256 ti [...]

4. GIMP - Filters -

We create an image of the size 400 in x and 300 in y. We define the basics steps for image manipulation, that is: first choosing the layer on wich to apply the manipulations, and then a selection if we need to modify only a specific part of that layer. Visit my YouTube channel for more GIMP tutorials.

5. GIMP - Text & path tracing -

We create a text layer, we then transform it into a path and align it to a curve path we created, with just one command menu: 'align text to path'. We then adjusted the resulting path to the middle of the image and started tracing a series of brush strokes using colour gradient (sfumato). We iterate a few more times, but changing opacity and scale of the brush stroke, so as to create the illusion [...]

6. GIMP - Channels dialog, selection masks & layer masks -

We learn what the channels are under the 'channels dialog'. I recommend you add the channel tab at the 'layers dialog', since manipulating layers and channels becomes easier, especially when constantly dealing with both. We understand the fact that an RGB pixel is made out of red, green, and blue, and that the combination of these primary colours gives the rest of colours viewable in a PC monitor [...]

7. GIMP - Channel mask's opacity & colour -

The channel mask's colour fuse (because it is transparent) must not be confused as a true colour in your image, it is just a distinguishable way of viewing your selection when the show button (the eye) is activated for that particular channel mask. Visit my YouTube channel for more GIMP tutorials.

8. GIMP - Recommended preferences -

In this short tutorial, I show you how to set the mouse wheel scroll up to map to increase the brush (and other tools, like the eraser and ink tool) scale. I also recommend you set the default resolution for your new images. And set the full screen mode free of conglomerated windows and menus(and thus true fullscreen support is enabled). Other preferences are mentioned. Visit my YouTube channel f [...]

9. GIMP - 2.6.1 changes -

In this video, I show the changes that GIMP has taken since the previous release... GIMP 2.4.6 ; I start talking about the new empty-image window, that serves now as a target of dragging images from elsewhere with the mouse. I also talk about the pan-beyond-boarder-when-zoomed-in feature, the fact that now 'dialogues' are renamed to 'windows' (for documentation purposes) . The overall look change [...]

10. Brushes tutorial

In this tutorial, I show you what brushes are, how to use them, how many types there are and how to create brushes depending on their type. The types of brushes are: Ordinary brushes Clipboard brush Parametric brushes Colour brushes Image hoses We also determine the different ways of opening the Brushes dialog and its use. Visit my YouTube channel for more GIMP tutorials.

11. Dialogs and docking.

We study the different types of windows available in GIMP. We start by understanding which dialogs are dockable, and which aren't. We also recognize the different parts of the windows, and some of their generic menus. The docking drag handle is the dialog label used to drag and drop it into another window, more specifically, into it's docking bar. We explore the image selection focus, by toggling [...]

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The basics of Javascript.

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