Python: create art with xturtle, random and genetic_algorithm (English) [ID:188]

a series of video-tutorials by felix schaber and Horst Jens

a tutorial about using the python module xturtle to draw simple graphics and improve them with the help of a (very crude) evolutionary or genetic algorithm

Video Tutorials

1. python: create art with xturtle and random, part 1 (English)

Felix shows first how the xturtle module works in combination with a for loop in python. Later he shows how the randint() function of the random module works. Finally, he demonstrate a script that will create 20 different patterns by using random values and ask the user each time how much he liked the pattern (with an easygui dialog). This video is licensed under the creative commons BY NC SA lic [...]

2. python: create art with xturtle and random Part 2 (English)

Felix improved the xturtle python script from part 1 and by randomizing the operators to calculate the forward distance xturtle have to walk. He also use a try / except section to avoid division by zero errors. This script will run until stopped by the user. The whole script can be found in the showmedo wiki. This video is licensed under the creative commons BY NC SA license. To try out what Fel [...]

3. python: create art with xturtle and random, part 3 (English)

Felix moves the xturtle program now in the direction of genetic programming to make even more randomized patterns. Thanks to the help of the xturtle author Gregor Lingl, the program runs now in an infinite loop until the mouse is clicked. Also thanks to Gregor, if the xturtle leaves the screen she is re-teleported into the middle of the screen. Tux special effects by Chen This video is licensed [...]

4. python: create art with xturtle, random, and genetic_algorithm, part 4 (English)

Felix has now a working progotype of a program that makes xturtle patterns and improve those patterns based on hte patterns that get most votes from the user. By using (simple) Genetic_algorithm code, each pattern can pass sequences of DNA (tuples with xturtle-commands) to the Child pattern of the next generation. If the population maximum is reached, old (and ugly) patterns die to make room for [...]

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