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Ruby Introductions [ID:072]

a series of video-tutorials by chingav

Join Chinmoy Gavini as he takes you through the early stages of Ruby programming.

Video Tutorials

1. Introduction to Ruby I

This video is a basic introduction to Ruby. It starts out with showing some of the basic reflection capabilities of Ruby such as (10**10).class. Then I talk about indefinite chaining of methods. Other topics are if...elsif...else statements, method syntax, working with Arrays and Hashes, Hash literals, nil, and blocks, and a basic introduction to accessing Ruby documentation using "ri". Link to s [...]

2. Introduction to Ruby II

This video is about creating one's own classes. I walk through a bioinformatics class I ported from here: (Oreilly online's Beginning Python for Bioinformatics). I talk about def initialize, instance variables, class variables, and a very quick note on regular expressions(which I talk more about in the third video). Link to src: http:// [...]

3. Introduction to Ruby III

I talk about Deep Copy versus Shallow Copy, some Regular Expressions basics(including object-oriented regular expression idioms), implementing to_s in user classes, using case statements, Ranges, File input, single quote vs. double quote strings. Link to src:

4. Introduction to Ruby IV

I talk about marshaling(serialization), attr_reader, and an introduction but don't finish showing an existing example of implementing each in one's own class. Link to src:

5. Introduction to Ruby V

I talk briefly about how CSV Reader includes Enumerable and defines each. I talk about extracting information from a typical log file. I give an extended example(long but not that complicated) of Distributed Ruby, and point viewers to the first edition of Programming Ruby by Dave Thomas. Link to src:

6. Introduction to Ruby VI: Debugging and Unit Testing

This screencast shows to debug a ruby program using the standard Ruby debugger. It also shows unit testing, a very simple TCP Server, an an introduction to some Ruby/Tk code which I will develop in the next screencast. There is more than one source file for the video, so you can find the zip file, labeled at my blog. Here is the link---sourcelink

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Kudos and Thanks for chingav

Introduction to Ruby I

nice and simple. thanks

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76 months ago
Introduction to Ruby II

very good

Bogner Anti-Statik- Antibakterielle Winter
79 months ago


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