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Python Beginners - the 'if' statement [ID:405]

a series of video-tutorials by Ian Ozsvald

This short series introduces logic in Python by showing you the 'if' statement. Logical control is fundamental to your control of Python programs, this series will quickly introduce you to the basics.

Video Tutorials

1. Overview (if)

Testing conditions is key to programming in any imperative programming language (e.g. Python, Java, C). We use the 'if' statement to decide on one course of action if the test is True or another course of action if the test is False. In this short series we use Python 2.5 to demonstrate 'if', 'else' and 'elif'.

2. Introducing the 'if' statement

Learn how the 'if' statement works in Python. In this episode we experiment with some simple logic tests using numbers and strings on True conditions. In the next episode we look at what happens if our condition is False using 'else' and 'elif'. Using: Python 2.5 on Windows, applies cross-platform Background: If, Then and Else: Loops and iteration for i [...]

3. Using 'elif' and 'else'

Once you have an 'if' statement, you'll want to handle alternative flows of logic if your condition is False. 'else' lets us do 'something else' including start another 'if' statement. 'elif' is a contraction of 'else-if' and it lets us do combined 'else', 'if' tests in fewer characters. Watch how 'else' and 'elif' are used, after this you'll know all there is to know about the 'if' statement in [...]

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3 Minute Oveview (What Does Python Look Like?)

simple and informative. you draw me in
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