simple graphic adventure game with python and easygui (English) [ID:820]

a series of video-tutorials by Horst Jens and mira

Teresa and Mira made a simple graphical adventure game using python and easygui. While the first version of the game uses unsophisticated if-elif-else blocks for each room in the game (the game setting is a spooky house), the second version use a data structure (directorys) to make the game code easy to maintain and expand. Sourcecode and Download at

Video Tutorials

1. simple graphic adventure game with python and easygui, part 1 (English)

Mira shows the first version of her game ( in action, using pyghon , easygui and simple if-elif-else statements. See the next video of this series where Mira shows an imporoved version of the program with a more elegant data-structure instead of the if-elif-else blocks. This video is licensed under Creative Commons BY NC SA license. Sourcecode and download at www.spielend-program [...]

2. simple graphic adventure game with python and easygui, part 2 (English)

Mira shows in this video a improved version ( of her graphical adventure game (a spooky house). The game is made using python and easygui . Instead of the predecessor, this version of the game uses a data structure consisting of several python directorys, representing each room in the spooky house and the possible actions of the player in each room. The code is easy to maintain and [...]

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Kudos and Thanks for Horst

Python: Leo shows how the Buttonbox function of EasyGui (German / English subtitles)

Cool and quick start for easygui !

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