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Scribus Desktop Publishing [ID:125]

a series of video-tutorials by Dai

Introduction to Scribus. Thei s first video will introduce you to Scribus the open source desktop publishing program

Video Tutorials

1. Introduction to Scribus

This first video will introduce you to Scribus and give you an overview of the programme

2. Inserting Text

This Tutorial will show you how to in sert text into Scribus.

3. Inserting an Image

For this tutorial we will show how to put an image int a Scribus document.

4. Text Around Image Pt1

Having text flow around an image using a shape box in Scribus

5. Text Around Image Pt2

Using a bounding box to get text to flow around an image

6. layers In Scribus

This Tutorial shows how to use layers in Scribus

7. Levels Within Scribus

Levels can be thought of as layers within one layer. Here is how to use them

8. Styles

Creating styles for formatting your document

9. Drop Cap Style

Creating a drop cap for a paragraph using the styles in Scribus

10. Scribus PDF Forms

How to create a basic PDF form in Scribus. These forms can be filled in within a PDF reader and sent through email.

11. Scribus Attaching Text To a path

Attachint text to lines in Scribus

12. Scribus Using Scalable Vector Graphics

How to use Scalable vector graphics (svg images) in Scribus

13. Scribus multiple columns and svg images

Using svg images with in a multiple column page in Scribus

14. Scribus Coloured Text Boxes

Applying colours and gradients to text boxes in Scribus

15. Scribus Converting Shapes

Converting shapes to text or image frames.

16. Scibus Tables

How to use and customize tables in Scribus

17. Scribus Templates

How to create and use templates in scribus. This tutorial will show you haow to use guides and page numbersin your templates.

18. Text Over Images

This tutorial will show you how to put a transparent box with cut out text over a lager image to create an advert or magazine cover effect.

19. Text Around Image pt3

For This tutorial We'll show how to get text to flow around weird shape images using an shape frame, image frame, and a text box. This will allow you to create some interesting documents that are a little different to the normal square shaped images in documents.

20. Text Around Image pt4

This time w use just an shape frame and convert it to an image frame. We also use a bounding box to give us the space between the image and the text.

21. Links in a Scribus Document

How to use links in Scribus. For this tutorial we will show you how to use two types of links in Scribus. The first type of link will be an internal link which you can use to jump around your pdf document. The second type of link will be an external link which will allow you to go to web-sites on the internet from your pdf file.

22. Generating a Table of Contents

For this tutorial we will show you how to to generate a table of contents with in a Scribus document. We will also show how to apply internal links so that you may navigate around your document.

23. Scribus Text Effects

Creating various text effects using shadows in Scribus

24. Scribus Calendar Wizard

How to use the calendar wiard that comes with Scribus to produce basic calendars. You can create monthly, yearly, or event type calendars. Along with some of the formatting tutorials that have been shown in previous videos you should be able to produce some nice looking calendars.

25. Scribus Working With OpenOffice Documents

In this video we show you how to import a pre-formatted OpenOffice Writer document into scribus and apply some additional formatting to it using Scribus

26. Tips On Importing Writer Documents

Here are some Tips when Importing OpenOffice Writer documents into Scribus

27. Linking Text Boxes

Linking to differnet text boxes to place overflow text

28. Manipulating Shapes

How to manipulates shapes and turn them into images or textboxes in Scribus

29. Drop Caps Re-Visited

This Tutorial we show you how to apply a character style to a a drop cap style to add extra formatting such colour to the drop caps

30. Scribus Gradient Text Effect

Just showing how Scribus is capable of producing simple gradient text effects

31. Text To Outlines

How to turn normal text into an object to use as banners etc

32. Scribus-ScrapBook

In this video I'll show you how to use the scrap book to re-use common elements and objects instead of re-creating them over and over again.

33. Outlines and Scrapbook a Practical Example

Here is a practical example of applying outlines and using the scrapbook to make a simple poster for a notice board.

34. Scribus Templates

This Tutorial shows you how to save your Scribus documents as a template for future use.

35. Scribus-Blender-Overview

Over the next five videos I will deconstruct a Scribus document created by Blender showing you how you can create a complicated document in layers making less complicated to make this way.

36. Scribus-Blender-Intro

In this the first video we give you an overview of the layering used to create this document by Blender in Scribus

37. Scribus-Blender-Interface

This I deal with the text box Blenders Interface. I show you how the layering works for this text box.

38. SCribus-Managing-3D-Objects

This video dels with the layers of the 3D Objects text box

39. Scribus-Blender-Mesh-Modelling

This video deals with the Mesh Modeling text box and it layering.

40. Scribus-Blender-Button-Window

This video de-constructs the button window text box and it's layers

41. Background to transparency

Just a little tip on how to convert a .png image with a colored background to a transparent background using the Gimp

42. Text in text boxes

This video shows the basic process of filling text boxes in a document

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