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C programming tutorial. [ID:138]

a series of video-tutorials by gasto

This series of videos will guide you through a painless tutorial on the C programming language.

I chose C, because you get to know better how the computer works without getting into excessive detail like the case of an assembly tutorial.

Video Tutorials

1. Studying skills for programmers.

Studying skills are not taken into much consideration when it comes to any subject being studied. Ignoring studying skills for any subject is like assuming that a driver may start driving a car just by reading the manual, without knowing the basics of driving skills and essential methods to evolve from a beginner to an expert driver. 'Studying skills for programmers' is the starting tutorial on a [...]

2. C tutorial - Building -

The build process is explained , and the most basic C programming language is created, the Hello world program is created in 3 different IDEs. links to the sites of the IDEs(Integrated Development Environments) used here: Miracle C Dev-C++ Visual Studio I also recommend these: A great compiler MinGW(Minimalist GNU for Windows) A great IDE Code::Blocks Creating a C program is actually passi [...]

3. C tutorial - History -

All programming languages have derivations. Mr. Dennis Ritchie, at the moment working on Bell Labs, created the C programming language, derived from B, a language created by Mr. Kenneth Thompson. The B programming language lacked of type for variables. So variables were created with generic use in mind. In C the basic types are: float int char The C history is laid very near the history of the [...]

4. C tutorial - Features & CPU architecture -

We start by introducing the C features, which are the 'selling' bullet points of why C is a reliable programming language. C features are: · Portability · Design · Efficiency · Power · Programmer-Oriented Being able to write more code means going deeper into the specifics of the computer's hardware, which is a great advantage for creating efficient programs, also creating C standard code ensures [...]

5. C Tutorial - C syntax -

In this occasion, we build a simple program that prints 3 numbers, with the help of the printf() function defined in stdio.h . The concepts of C's storage class specifiers are explained (probably the most confusing aspect of the C syntax). The difference between definition and declaration is explained and the concept of 'extern'(storage class specifier); 'char', 'short', 'int'(types) is clarified [...]

6. C tutorial - C syntax , part II -

The confusing static keyword is demystified, by defining variables in different places (outside every function or in a block). We start to see the disadvantages and stingy nature of the C tokens. Static defined inside a block refers to the static aspect of its duration, while static defined outside every function refers to the internal-linkage aspect of its linkage. Auto storage class specifier i [...]

7. C tutorial - C syntax , part III -

In this tutorial, I explain more thoroughly, the C syntax, the variable declarations, string literals, the char data type, and most importantly , printf and scanf functions from the stdio.h file declaration. Visit the C Console Programming video series for updates on C programming from me.

8. C tutorial - Number guessing game -

We start programming more serious programs, knowing more about standard function calls, keyboard shortcuts, modulus operator, the general planning and design of a program, loops, and the continue and break keywords used in loops. We finish the program without any errors. What about making your own program following the same design, but adding some statments, to add features, for example: print on [...]

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The basics of Javascript.

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