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Python for Math Teachers [ID:101]

a series of video-tutorials by Kirby Urner

These videos take a "math through programming" approach, meaning we're using Python to develop a stronger grasp of mathematical concepts.

Video Tutorials

1. Getting Started

Let's use IDLE to define a few functions, including the Euclid's Algorithm for the GCD. Atop the GCD we'll build other functions for listing totatives of N (positives relatively prime to N) and the totient of N (the number of said totatives). We're using the default Python shell to introduce new math ideas (math through programming).

2. Looking Ahead

Let's download some source code over the Internet and take a look at a Python class definition. This class defines integer instances that operate modulo 23. This module might be used to discuss some basic concepts in group theory. We'll come back to these ideas when we look at RSA, the public key cryptography algorithm.

3. Subclassing for Beginners

Let's define a simple Dog class and show how we make instances (dogs). Then let's add a stomach attribute so our dogs can eat and poop (kids love scatology). It's a dog eat dog world! Then we refactor the code to show how Dog and Monkey classes might both inherit from the Animal class.

4. A First Look at RSA

Building on some ideas introduced earlier in this series, this easygoing lecture takes a somewhat rambling approach to a rather difficult math topic. This is background for math teachers intending to use Python as a vehicle for exploring math concepts interactively, in a hands-on setting.

5. Working with Stickworks

Here's a Python module you might want to use in your math classes. It works with VPython to provide simple vector graphics, as well as plotting capabilities. Students wouldn't just use the module, they'd study the source code to gain a stronger understanding of the math concepts involved (math through programming).

6. Chicago Pycon 2008

Overview regarding how to converge the mathematics and computer science curricula more successfully, with Python providing a bridge.

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