TurboGears Ultimate DVD (TG v1.0) [ID:200]

a series of video-tutorials by Ian Ozsvald and Kevin Dangoor

Originally the TurboGears Ultimate DVD (produced in late 2006 by Kevin Dangoor), now shown here freely. It was produced by Kevin for the then-upcoming TurboGears v1.0 and has been kindly released by Kevin for the benefit of TurboGears developers.

Recently TurboGears 1.0final was released, this material is still relevant and Kevin asked for it to be hosted here at ShowMeDo.

Whilst viewing - please do leave a comment if anything is obviously out of date. I'll endeavour to update the description text to reflect any inaccuracies that are flagged (Ian Ozsvald).

The series has 13 episodes, to be released around the end of March 2008.

Video Tutorials

1. Using JavaScript with TurboGears, Part 1

A quick introduction to why you'd want to wrap JavaScript libraries with TurboGears widgets. Originally produced by Kevin Dangoor (2006), running time 2 minutes. NOTE that ShowMeDo is not optimised for real-world video...so Kevin's lip-sync looks pretty awful, sorry about that :-) (Ian - co-founder of ShowMeDo).

2. Using JavaScript with TurboGears, Part 2

A demonstration of how easy it is to use JavaScript that has been packaged up as a widget. Uses the Lightbox widget to display a photo. Originally produced by Kevin Dangoor (2006), running time 6 minutes.

3. Using JavaScript with TurboGears, Part 3

In in-depth look at wrapping a JavaScript library as a widget. In this video, I wrap the DOMinclude JavaScript package, starting from a brand new project and ending with submission of the widget to the Python Cheeseshop. Originally produced by Kevin Dangoor (2006), running time 37 minutes.

4. Introducing Generic Functions

Explanation of what generic functions are, followed by a demonstration of their use in a concrete example. This is followed up with a discussion of how generic functions are used to convert objects to JSON (turbojson.jsonify) choose widgets for data entry (tgfastdata.formmaker) pick an output method for expose() (turbogears.controllers) choose an error handler when something goes wrong (turbogea [...]

5. More About Widgets

In-depth coverage of the TurboGears 1.0 widgets API. Walks through the implementation of widgets so that you can see all of the features tucked away in there. Also covers the use of metaclasses in the API. Originally produced by Kevin Dangoor (2006), running time 1 hour 24 minutes.

6. TurboGears Core Tour

A discussion of the packages and modules that make up TurboGears, including a look at modules such as turbogears.startup and turbogears.util that may have useful features that you didn't know about! Originally produced by Kevin Dangoor (2006), running time 1 hour 10 minutes.

7. The Future of TurboGears

I'll talk about what I have in mind for the coming versions of TurboGears and what it means for the applications you're building today. Includes discussion of WSGI, CherryPy, SQLObject and SQLAlchemy. Originally produced by Kevin Dangoor (2006), running time 26 minutes.

8. Rapid Web Applications with TurboGears

Hear a little about the new TurboGears book from authors Mark Ramm and Kevin Dangoor. You can order the book from Amazon.com. Originally produced by Kevin Dangoor (2006), running time 2 minutes.

9. The 20 Minute Wiki, 2nd Edition

The 20 Minute Wiki demo for TurboGears 1.0. Building a dynamic web application (with Ajax) in 20 minutes! Originally produced by Kevin Dangoor (2006), running time 20 minutes.

10. Bob Ippolito's MochiKit 1.1 Intro

Bob Ippolito produced a screencast introducing MochiKit 1.1. Though Bob has released a couple more versions since then, this demo is still quite relevant. Originally produced by Kevin Dangoor (2006), running time 13 minutes.

11. Effective Ajax with TurboGears

[NOTE - no video, view this SWF instead] My presentation from PyCon 2006. A little about the state of Ajax, followed by demonstrations of effective (and not effective) uses of Ajax. NOTE Unlike other videos on this DVD, this video is in Flash SWF format. View it here. Originally produced by Kevin Dangoor (2006).

12. Credits

It took many people to get to where we are today. This list has some of them. Originally produced by Kevin Dangoor (2006), running time 3 minutes.

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