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A Gentle Introduction to the Google App Engine Python SDK [ID:269]

a series of video-tutorials by Kyran Dale

Google App Engine (GAE) promises to remove some of the hassles from starting and maintaining a web-site. Potentially difficult, technical jobs such as server, database and user-identity management are made considerably easier. Google has chosen Python as its initial application development language, allowing new users to leverage the considerable power and usability of such frameworks as Django or Pylons. This series will introduce the GAE, focussing on the use of its Python SDK and webapp framework. It aims to give good idea of GAE's workflow, assumes limited programming knowledge and, while not an introduction to Python, will try to explain most of the code used in a gentle walkthrough.

Video Tutorials

1. Introduction to the Series

Google App Engine promises to make beginning and maintaining a web-site that much easier. The difficulties of administrating servers and databases, ensuring scalability and security, managing user identities, all should be taken care of, leaving the developer to develop the site using impressive web frameworks such as Django, exploiting the ease and power of the Python programming language. In th [...]

2. Installing the Python SDK and a 'Hello World' demonstration

This video shows how to install the Google App Engine SDK and sets the context for the upcoming demonstrations. I explain what is meant by Common Gateway Interface (CGI) and show how to produce a simple 'Hello World' web-page with the SDK's web-server running on a local machine (localhost). For a look at some real Python CGI coding, using the inbuilt CGI module, see John's rather cool club series [...]

3. Using the webapp Framework

While one could build a CGI based web-site by hand, the usual way to build applications is by using a web framework such as Django. The Google App Engine (GAE) supports any CGI framework written in pure Python or compliant with the the Python WSGI library. The SDK features its own webapp framework, a simple but practical way to start developing web-sites and a good introduction to more mature, f [...]

4. Using Google's User Service

The Google App Engine (GAE) Users service allows your application to integrate with Google user accounts. For example, if a user is logged into their Gmail account, they will be recognized and validated. While most web frameworks provide their own user-management systems the GAE User service has 'out of the box' convenience and leverages Google's experience, at the expense of some control and pri [...]

5. Handling Forms With webapp

In this video we show a simple example of how the webapp framework deals with user input to generate a response to a posted web-form. Two handlers are used, the first to generate the form and the second to respond to the user input.

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