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Description: Hi, I'm a performance optimization enthusiast with an interest for many sorts of tough challenges. I've started Code Cortex, a group working to make software performance easier to improve. My sites are: ...

Performance Optimization Tutorial [ID:832]

a series of video-tutorials by Neil Dickson

This tutorial teaches how to optimize software performance. With some dedication and practice, almost any programmer can learn to get speedups of 2x to 10x.

The tutorial starts by looking at simplifying code, then examines how operations on different data types work to know how to make use of their properties. Next, techniques for reducing or eliminating slow calculations and instructions are examined. Data structure performance optimization is touched on. A large section is devoted to vectorization, as this can consistently lead to large speedups for a wide variety of operations. Finally, example applications are optimized using the techniques examined in the tutorial.

Video Tutorials

1. Performance Optimization Tutorial: Episode 0: Intro to Optimization

This video introduces software performance optimization in general. It also gives an outline of what will be covered in the rest of the tutorial.

2. Performance Optimization Tutorial: Episode 1: Simplification

This video looks at the role of simplification in optimization. Simplification is one of the most important steps in optimization, as it helps give a clearer understanding of how the software works, eliminating unnecessary clutter.

3. Performance Optimization Tutorial: Episode 2: Bits and Bytes, Part 1

This video begins looking at available bit operations and what they do. NOT, OR, AND, XOR, and TEST are examined, allowing us to set, reset, complement, and check individual bits, among a few other things. Next episode will examine operations related to bit-shifting and have our first experiment of the tutorial.

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