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Video-series tagged with programmers

Python 101 - easygui and csv Ian Ozsvald 05/07 556
Build a wxPython Image Viewer Ian Ozsvald 02/08 230
C programming tutorial. gasto 11/07 225
Resources for Python Newbies Ian Ozsvald 02/07 160
Python: Kids show you RurPle and EasyGUI (German / English subtitles) Horst Jens P.L. leo battlelinus leo 01/07 154
Setting up Python 2.5 support in VIM Jack Atkinson 02/08 93
Python Source Walkthrough Series Jeff Rush 07/07 83
More Django: Intermediate level Django screencasts Siddhi 05/08 72
Django Screencasts Empty 01/08 58

Videos tagged with programmers

3 Minute Oveview (What Does Python Look Like?) Ian Ozsvald 06/08 205
Series Overview in 5 minutes Ian Ozsvald 05/07 132
An introduction to Python resources - Part 1/2 Ian Ozsvald 03/07 103
Simple User Interfaces with easygui Ian Ozsvald 05/07 95
Studying skills for programmers. gasto 11/07 88
Batteries-included - the csv module Ian Ozsvald 05/07 87
Overview - building your own Image Viewer Ian Ozsvald 02/08 73
Using Amazon's S3 service with Django Siddhi 05/08 73
Introducing .csv files and the Wing IDE Ian Ozsvald 05/07 65
An introduction to Python resources - Part 2/2 Ian Ozsvald 03/07 64
Python: Leo shows how the Buttonbox function of EasyGui (German / English subtitles) Horst Jens leo 03/07 61
python: Lexi shows and edit the GUI module Easygui (German / English subtitles) Horst Jens P.L. 03/07 60
How to install MinGW Jack Atkinson 02/08 57
Walkthru of a Simple Text Line Matcher (grep) Jeff Rush 09/07 54
Your own Skeleton wxPython Application Ian Ozsvald 02/08 53
C tutorial - Building - gasto 11/07 51
Refactoring with functions and doc strings Ian Ozsvald 05/07 50
Debug Tip - Mising Import Statements Ian Ozsvald 05/07 47
Overview (Functions) Ian Ozsvald 10/08 43
Presenting the finished product Ian Ozsvald 05/07 42
Compiling VIM with Python 2.5 support on Windows XP Jack Atkinson 03/08 39
python: Chen shows hot to use a defined fuction in RUR-PLE (German / English subtitles) Horst Jens battlelinus 03/07 39
C tutorial - History - gasto 12/07 36
Starting with Unit-tests Ian Ozsvald 05/07 36
Solution: The working Yes/No control and EnterBox Ian Ozsvald 05/07 35
Exercise: User Interaction with a Yes/No control and the EnterBox Ian Ozsvald 05/07 33
Walkthru of a Twisted Webserver Jeff Rush 09/07 33
Exception handling and Unit-testing with justNumbers Ian Ozsvald 05/07 31
Add Menus, wx Ids, Binding Ian Ozsvald 02/08 28
Nested and Private Functions Ian Ozsvald 11/08 24
Writing the new .csv file with an average Ian Ozsvald 05/07 24
Variable Scope Ian Ozsvald 11/08 24
Completing getNumbers with Test Driven Development Ian Ozsvald 05/07 24
C tutorial - Features & CPU architecture - gasto 01/08 23
Create a wx.FileDialog() File-Opener Ian Ozsvald 02/08 22
Error Handling to give user-feedback Ian Ozsvald 05/07 19
Debug Tip (stdout) and wxPython Naming Conventions Ian Ozsvald 02/08 19
Django Screencasts - Syndication Framework Part I Empty 01/08 19
Averaging the data Ian Ozsvald 05/07 18
easygui's choicebox for graphical list output Ian Ozsvald 05/07 17
Worked Solution - adding a Mirror function to the Image Viewer Ian Ozsvald 03/08 17
Worked solution - Splash Screen Ian Ozsvald 03/08 16
C tutorial - C syntax , part II - gasto 03/08 16
Using Frame.CreateStatusBar() Ian Ozsvald 02/08 15
Using wx.Image & wx.StaticBitmap Ian Ozsvald 02/08 15
Language overview Ian Ozsvald 05/08 11
Avoiding Memory Leaks with .Destroy() Ian Ozsvald 03/08 11
Django Screencasts - NewForms Admin I Empty 02/08 11
Solution to the unit-test task for average Ian Ozsvald 05/07 10
C tutorial - Number guessing game - gasto 04/08 9
C Tutorial - C syntax - gasto 03/08 9
Django Screencasts - Mapping Flatpage URLs Empty 02/08 8
Django Screencasts - NewForms Personalization Empty 02/08 8
Django Screencasts - Application Settings Empty 02/08 7
Books and Training Ian Ozsvald 05/08 5
Exercise - Add an HTML About Dialog to the Help menu Ian Ozsvald 03/08 5
Exercise - add a Mirror function to our wxPython Image Viewer Ian Ozsvald 03/08 5
Exercise - Add a Splash Screen Ian Ozsvald 03/08 4
Django Screencasts - Custom Management Commands Empty 02/08 4
Worked solution - HTML About Dialog Ian Ozsvald 03/08 3
C tutorial - C syntax , part III - gasto 04/08 3
Django Screencasts - Syndication Framework Part II Empty 02/08 2
Hvordan partisjonere for installering av en Linux distribusjon. atlef 05/08 2

Learning-paths tagged with programmers

None [ID:007] gasto, Horst Jens, ... 04/09
How to Write a Learning Path Script [ID:002] Kyran Dale, 03/09
Intermediate Python Programming [ID:012] Ian Ozsvald, Horst Jens, ... 04/09
Python IDEs and Tools [ID:021] Ian Ozsvald, 04/09
Beginner Django Programming [ID:020] Ian Ozsvald, 04/09
Python for Strong Pythonistas [ID:013] Ian Ozsvald, 04/09
Beginner Python Programming [ID:011] Ian Ozsvald, Horst Jens, ... 04/09
Python GUI Building [ID:018] Ian Ozsvald, Horst Jens, ... 04/09
Full Projects in Python [ID:014] Ian Ozsvald, 04/09
C Programming [ID:022] Ian Ozsvald, gasto, 04/09
Basic Programming Skills [ID:009] Ian Ozsvald, Horst Jens, ... 04/09

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