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Python Development on XP Ian Ozsvald 02/07 563
Introduction to Boa Constructor cmpython 01/09 320
Assembly Language Tutorial Neil Dickson 08/08 294
Python: Kids show you RurPle and EasyGUI (German / English subtitles) Horst Jens P.L. leo battlelinus leo 01/07 154
My Favourite App mro Ian Ozsvald Lucas Holland Dai gasto 01/08 122
Using Samba to Share Network Files and Printers Bruce Cadieux 01/07 115
GIMP tutorial by example. gasto 06/08 97
Crunchy André Roberge 11/07 84
Django Screencasts Empty 01/08 58
Installing Windows Games in Linux Bruce Cadieux 01/07 40
QCake the open-source 3D engine (English) Horst Jens P.L. leo 01/08 14
ViTables Tutorials The Carabos crew 02/08 8
NoteCase Dai 03/08 1

Videos tagged with notes

Adding a Menubar to Our Sample Editor Kyran Dale 03/07 158
Running Python 2.5 on Windows XP Ian Ozsvald 03/07 150
The 'IPython' Interactive Shell - Part 1 Jeff Rush 07/07 147
Series Overview in 5 minutes Ian Ozsvald 05/07 132
GWT-Ext and Cypal Studio Sanjiv Jivan 03/08 130
GWT-Ext and saving Form data to a database Sanjiv Jivan 03/08 129
Working with GWT-Ext forms Sanjiv Jivan 03/08 113
An introduction to Python resources - Part 1/2 Ian Ozsvald 03/07 103
Deciding on a Python 2.5 Distro Ian Ozsvald 03/07 102
Network File-sharing Tutorial Bruce Cadieux 03/07 77
Making a Barebones pyGame Program Chuck Arellano 03/07 75
20 Minute Wiki (v0.9 Preview) Kevin Dangoor 03/07 65
Series Overview Ian Ozsvald 05/07 63
1 - Overview of Boa Constructor and How to Get It cmpython 02/09 62
Python: Leo shows how the Buttonbox function of EasyGui (German / English subtitles) Horst Jens leo 03/07 61
python: Lexi shows and edit the GUI module Easygui (German / English subtitles) Horst Jens P.L. 03/07 60
Variable Scope Ian Ozsvald 07/08 60
Using IDLE v1.2 Ian Ozsvald 03/07 52
Build a simple file-reader using PyDev Ian Ozsvald 03/07 48
Unit Tests for Dependable Code Ian Ozsvald 03/07 48
Python at the command line Ian Ozsvald 03/07 46
Starting a Python project with PyDev Ian Ozsvald 03/07 43
Interactive debugging using PyDev Ian Ozsvald 03/07 43
8 - Using Sizers in Boa Constructor cmpython 02/09 42
Connecting to a Windows or Samba Printer Bruce Cadieux 03/07 39
python: Chen shows hot to use a defined fuction in RUR-PLE (German / English subtitles) Horst Jens battlelinus 03/07 39
For on a List Ian Ozsvald 07/08 37
Series overview Lucas Holland 08/08 36
Defining a Function Ian Ozsvald 10/08 34
Using Sprite Sheets and Drawing the Background Chuck Arellano 03/07 31
unicode Ian Ozsvald 07/08 31
Talking to Excel with pyWin32 Ian Ozsvald 04/08 26
Editing and Submitting Ian Ozsvald 04/07 26
Bonus - IDLE's Python Help and an Exercise Ian Ozsvald 03/07 25
Installing Windows Games in Linux - Part 1 Bruce Cadieux 03/07 25
7 - The Editor in Boa Constructor, Part II cmpython 02/09 24
Automate Web Testing with Pamie Robert Marchetti 03/07 24
Introduction to Ruby II chingav 04/07 22
Arinoid - Ball Physics Chuck Arellano 03/07 19
Django Screencasts - Syndication Framework Part I Empty 01/08 19
TurboTunes Tutorial Kevin Dangoor 03/07 18
Installing nose for nosetests Ian Ozsvald 03/08 16
Quick Graphing via Excel Ian Ozsvald 04/08 16
Support, resistance and the MACD Dary Mc Govern 03/07 15
Installing Windows Games in Linux - Part 2 Bruce Cadieux 03/07 15
Assembly Language Tutorial: Episode 3: The Stack and Looking Back Neil Dickson 01/09 14
Configuring CamStudio 2.0 On Windows XP Ian Ozsvald 03/07 12
Django Screencasts - NewForms Admin I Empty 02/08 11
RSI Long Entry Strategy Dary Mc Govern 03/07 11
Installing Python for Windows Ian Ozsvald 03/07 10
Using JavaScript with TurboGears, Part 1 Ian Ozsvald Kevin Dangoor 03/08 10
Getting started with WordPress Rachel Cunliffe 03/07 9
Installing Django (SVN) izibi 04/08 9
Introduction to Investment Timing Dary Mc Govern 03/07 9
Animated Mandelbrot fractal applet - Part 8 John Montgomery 03/07 9
Django Screencasts - NewForms Personalization Empty 02/08 8
Django Screencasts - Mapping Flatpage URLs Empty 02/08 8
Committing your changes in Bazaar emmajane 11/08 8
Using vnc2swf.py on Linux Matt Harrison 03/07 8
Django Screencasts - Application Settings Empty 02/08 7
Test Driven Learning (TDL) using Crunchy and MoinMoin. André Roberge 06/08 6
Querying Tables with ViTables The Carabos crew 02/08 5
GIMP - 2.6.1 changes - gasto 10/08 4
Django Screencasts - Custom Management Commands Empty 02/08 4
QCake: making a comic with Qcake, OpenOffice Draw and licensing it under a Creative Commons License (English) leo Horst Jens 03/08 4
Notecase Dai 03/08 4
Arinoid - The Paddle Chuck Arellano 03/07 4
Project Euler Lucas Holland mro 10/08 4
Effective Ajax with TurboGears Ian Ozsvald Kevin Dangoor 03/08 3
An Introduction to ViTables The Carabos crew 02/08 3
Downloading Python for Windows Ian Ozsvald 03/07 3
Django Screencasts - Syndication Framework Part II Empty 02/08 2
Using CamStudio 2.0 On Windows XP Ian Ozsvald 03/07 1
NoteCase Dai 03/08 1
Playing FOTAQ using ScummVM Ian Ozsvald Joakim Gândara 03/07 1
The Stack Trace Ryan Bates 05/07 0

Learning-paths tagged with notes

Beginner Python Programming [ID:011] Ian Ozsvald, Horst Jens, ... 04/09
Python GUI Building [ID:018] Ian Ozsvald, Horst Jens, ... 04/09
None [ID:007] gasto, Horst Jens, ... 04/09
Python IDEs and Tools [ID:021] Ian Ozsvald, 04/09

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