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Video-series tagged with aims

Python GUI Programming with wxPython Kyran Dale 01/07 1116
Introduction to Ruby Lucas Holland 09/07 460
Python Beginners - Common Variables and Containers Ian Ozsvald 06/08 393
My Favourite App mro Ian Ozsvald Lucas Holland Dai gasto 01/08 122
A Gentle Introduction to the Google App Engine Python SDK Kyran Dale 05/08 109
Scientific Computing Using SAGE unpingco 04/08 109
GIMP tutorial by example. gasto 06/08 97
Casting Your Knowledge, With Style Jeff Rush 06/07 57

Videos tagged with aims

An Introduction to Event-handling Kyran Dale 03/07 308
A 'Hello World' Window in Five Easy Lines Kyran Dale 03/07 303
A First wxPython Application Kyran Dale 03/07 264
3 Minute Oveview (What Does Python Look Like?) Ian Ozsvald 06/08 205
How to Download and Install wxPython Kyran Dale 03/07 182
Adding a Menubar to Our Sample Editor Kyran Dale 03/07 158
Data Types & Shell Output Lucas Holland 10/07 98
The Tools Lucas Holland 10/07 95
What is Ruby? Lucas Holland 09/07 87
Overview (Variables and Containers) Ian Ozsvald 07/08 82
Variables in Practice Lucas Holland 11/07 79
Variables are Objects Ian Ozsvald 07/08 70
Introducing .csv files and the Wing IDE Ian Ozsvald 05/07 65
Installing Ruby Lucas Holland 10/07 63
Variable Scope Ian Ozsvald 07/08 60
Scientific Computing Using SAGE: Introduction unpingco 04/08 58
Variables Lucas Holland 11/07 54
Two-Dimensional Plots in SAGE unpingco 05/08 49
Introduction to the Series Kyran Dale 06/08 47
int and float Ian Ozsvald 07/08 43
list Ian Ozsvald 07/08 42
str(ings) Ian Ozsvald 07/08 41
Introduction to the Series Kyran Dale 05/08 39
printing Ian Ozsvald 08/08 36
decimal Ian Ozsvald 07/08 36
set Ian Ozsvald 07/08 35
tuple Ian Ozsvald 08/08 33
Installing the Python SDK and a 'Hello World' demonstration Kyran Dale 05/08 32
unicode Ian Ozsvald 07/08 31
bool(eans) Ian Ozsvald 07/08 31
dict Ian Ozsvald 08/08 29
Giving Your Screencast Jeff Rush 06/07 29
Preparing for Screencasting Jeff Rush 06/07 28
GIMP - Text & path tracing - gasto 07/08 25
None Ian Ozsvald 08/08 23
Using the webapp Framework Kyran Dale 05/08 21
GIMP - How to use the tools, part I - gasto 06/08 20
Handling Forms With webapp Kyran Dale 05/08 17
Python variables and values. gasto 03/09 15
Using Google's User Service Kyran Dale 05/08 14
GIMP - How to use the tools, part II - gasto 06/08 11
Pidgin Lucas Holland 02/08 11
Dialogs and docking. gasto 12/08 10
GIMP - Patterns - gasto 07/08 10
Brushes tutorial gasto 11/08 5
GIMP - Channels dialog, selection masks & layer masks - gasto 08/08 5
GIMP - 2.6.1 changes - gasto 10/08 4
GIMP - Recommended preferences - gasto 08/08 3
GIMP - Filters - gasto 07/08 3
GIMP - Channel mask's opacity & colour - gasto 08/08 3

Learning-paths tagged with aims

None [ID:007] gasto, Horst Jens, ... 04/09
Beginner Python Programming [ID:011] Ian Ozsvald, Horst Jens, ... 04/09
pyGame for Python Games [ID:015] Ian Ozsvald, 04/09
Beginner Python Web Programming [ID:019] Ian Ozsvald, 04/09
Scientific Python Programming [ID:017] Ian Ozsvald, 04/09
Python GUI Building [ID:018] Ian Ozsvald, Horst Jens, ... 04/09
Screencasting Tutorial [ID:023] Ian Ozsvald, Kyran Dale, ... 04/09
Announcing Showmedo's Learning-paths [ID:001] Kyran Dale, 03/09

Showmedo is a peer-produced video-tutorials and screencasts site for free and open-source software (FOSS)- with the exception of some club videos, the large majority are free to watch and download.

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Educating the Open-source Community With Showmedo

Although as important as the software it supports, education and documentation are relatively neglected in the Open-source world. Coders love to code, and explaining how best to use or improve the software tends to be deferred or even sidelined.

At Showmedo we believe the community can play a vital role here and also say thanks for the tools and software that make our lives easier. If you have a piece of software you love or a programming langugage you are enthusiastic about, why not make a screencast showing others how to use it? All the stuff you wish you'd been told, the tips, tricks, insights that would have saved you time and frustration.

Screencasting is easier than you think, and we're happy to help you. You can emailus for advice or just use some of the how-to screencasts on the site. This screencasting learning-pathis a good place to start.

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