Name: [002] Ian Ozsvald
Member: 128 months
Authored: 181 videos

Ian Ozsvald

I am the co-founder of ShowMeDo (see, author of The Screencasting Handbook and the founder of the professional screencast production company ProCasts:

Professional Screencast Producers

I blog at and have an older A.I.-based consulting/programming site Mor Consulting.

Authored Video Series

Ian Ozsvald Create a simple database using OpenOffice's Base, based on a physiotherapy patient databa [...]
Ian Ozsvald Create your first Impress presentation using OpenOffice's PowerPoint-like presentation sy [...]
Ian Ozsvald This transition series will help you move from Microsoft Excel to OpenOffice Calc in a fe [...]
Ian Ozsvald If you're moving from Microsoft Word to then you'll want to know how to wo [...]
Ian Ozsvald Learning basic file input/output opens up the world of reading data in, manipulating it a [...]
Ian Ozsvald This short series introduces logic in Python by showing you the 'if' statement. Logical [...]
Ian Ozsvald This series teaches you how to define your own functions in Python. We cover how to writ [...]
Ian Ozsvald Iterating over a block of code is a very common operation when programming. Here I show [...]
Ian Ozsvald Python has many datatypes, you'll recognise some from other languages and some may be new [...]
Ian Ozsvald If you're coming to Python from a different language then you'll want to know how the syn [...]
Ian Ozsvald Learn to talk to COM-enabled applications on Windows using the open-source pyWin32 (by Ma [...]
Ian Ozsvald Learn how to use twill (a Python+shell web browser) and nosetests to unit-test your websi [...]
Ian Ozsvald Want to learn wxPython? Want a fully-worked example which leads you through to a working [...]
Ian Ozsvald Aimed at Python Beginner Programmers, this fully-worked series builds a complete applica [...]
Ian Ozsvald See PyDev and IDLE in action, program and debug code and then learn bullet-proof coding by [...]
Ian Ozsvald TechSmith asked me to create a video on using Audacity to edit narrations. Since the use [...]
Ian Ozsvald hosts the popular adblocking plugin for Firefox. This video shows you ho [...]
Ian Ozsvald The Django web-app framework, written in Python, released at the start of September 2008. [...]
Ian Ozsvald IE8 and Firefox 3 are demonstrated, you can see them both in action along with recent fea [...]
Ian Ozsvald This guide covers installing Python, a language overview, writing a first program, learni [...]
Ian Ozsvald Install nosetests using a 1 line easy_install command. Nosetests gives us robust unit-te [...]
Ian Ozsvald See how to install twill - a Python (and shell) web-browsing tool - in 1 line with easy_i [...]
Ian Ozsvald Here we install easy_install using (linked on the easy_install page). easy_in [...]
Ian Ozsvald and Kevin Dangoor Originally the TurboGears Ultimate DVD (produced in late 2006 by Kevin Dangoor), now show [...]
Ian Ozsvald These short demos show the low-cost Arduino hardware experimentation board in action on W [...]
mro and Ian Ozsvald and Lucas Holland and Dai and gasto See great applications in action. We're gathering examples of really nice applications - [...]
Ian Ozsvald This screencasts welcomes Ryan Galbraith's students in his SIAST GIS 2008 course. I show [...]
Ian Ozsvald and Stephan Deibel This two-part series will show you Wingware's new Wing 3 IDE. Topics: starting a new Pyt [...]
Ian Ozsvald Python is not added to the DOS path by default. If you run 'python' from the command li [...]
Ian Ozsvald We use the excellent (and free!) CamStudio 2.0 to make many of our ShowMeDo tutorials on W [...]
Ian Ozsvald A short introduction to the on-line world of resources for Python programmers, targetted a [...]
Ian Ozsvald Four videos leading you through the installation and basic mastery of the powerful IPython [...]
Ian Ozsvald Two videos to demonstrate editing and debugging of Python code using the excellent SPE too [...]
Ian Ozsvald [This series is out of date - see the replacement CamStudio series]. Screencasting is eas [...]
Ian Ozsvald There is quite an art to making a perfect cup of coffee. Here we gather some of the lore.
Joakim Gândara and Ian Ozsvald ScummVM can take you back to the 80s and 90s, letting you play the older LucasArts point n [...]
Ian Ozsvald [This series is out of date, you should really go to the new Python 2.5 series - Python Ne [...]

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Educating the Open-source Community With Showmedo

Although as important as the software it supports, education and documentation are relatively neglected in the Open-source world. Coders love to code, and explaining how best to use or improve the software tends to be deferred or even sidelined.

At Showmedo we believe the community can play a vital role here and also say thanks for the tools and software that make our lives easier. If you have a piece of software you love or a programming langugage you are enthusiastic about, why not make a screencast showing others how to use it? All the stuff you wish you'd been told, the tips, tricks, insights that would have saved you time and frustration.

Screencasting is easier than you think, and we're happy to help you. You can emailus for advice or just use some of the how-to screencasts on the site. This screencasting learning-pathis a good place to start.

Kudos and Thanks for Ian

3 Minute Oveview (What Does Python Look Like?)

simple and informative. you draw me in
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