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Further Progress with Python - Flexing Your Python Muscles

Programming is about solving real problems in the real world. As your Python skills develop we have video-series that introduce you to some of the practical areas where Python's power starts to shine and you can reap the benefits of its power and efficiency.

An Introduction to Database Programming with Python

As you might expect Python makes database programming a relatively painless affair. The Python database API (DBAPI) provides a 'database neutral' programming interface for databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MS-SQL and Oracle, among others, based on the structured query language SQL. In this series we show you what the DBAPI is, a bit of how it works, and how it can be used to connect Python programs to SQL databases. We demonstrate how existing databases can be accessed and used and how Python can create new databases, add tables and populate those tables with data.

Introduction to Python web-programming: CGI

CGI (Common Gateway Interface) is one of the simplest ways to start writing dynamic web applications. It is viewed as quite an "old" way to write web applications, but it does not require the understanding of too many different technologies. It's therefore perfect for writing small one-shot web scripts that are essentially web front-ends to shell scripts.

Despite being an "old" technology CGI is still relevant - as can be seen by it's adoption within Google's App Engine.

This series starts of with a couple of videos introducing CGI and Python's CGI module. Later episodes will show the building of a more complex application (a wiki). The later episodes will be published in April/May 2008.

A Gentle Introduction to the Google App Engine Python SDK

Google App Engine (GAE) promises to remove some of the hassles from starting and maintaining a web-site. Potentially difficult, technical jobs such as server, database and user-identity management are made considerably easier. Google has chosen Python as its initial application development language, allowing new users to leverage the considerable power and usability of such frameworks as Django or Pylons. This series will introduce the GAE, focussing on the use of its Python SDK and webapp framework. It aims to give good idea of GAE's workflow, assumes limited programming knowledge and, while not an introduction to Python, will try to explain most of the code used in a gentle walkthrough.

Robust and Reliable Web Sites with twill and nosetests

Learn how to use twill (a Python+shell web browser) and nosetests to unit-test your website as if you were using the website. With this technique you can reliably test your site whilst you develop.

This is also known as 'functional testing' and it is used within ShowMeDo to test our website before deployment, and used by many larger sites for robust testing.

Publishing schedule - 5 videos will be published by the first week of April.

Python Development on XP

See PyDev and IDLE in action, program and debug code and then learn bullet-proof coding by unit-testing with nosetests.

This series will save you time as you watch 4 years of distilled knowledge. Several exercises will help you to expand your knowledge and you can ask me questions to get feedback on your progress.

Note title change - previously this series was known as 'Python Newbies on XP'.

"I had 3 requirements in mind when decided to look for a Python tutorial...Having completed this series I am glad to say that it is certainly meets all my requirements and above! Thank you Ian for a great course and I certainly [am] going to continue my Python studies with your other series" - Ofer

"As Ian says somewhere, he's found, organized, and presented information that would take weeks or months to learn in the ordinary way. Even if your time is worth only $10 per hour, I figure the value in time saved is at least $800. The skills are priceless." - Vincent DiCarlo

COM and Python with pyWin32

Learn to talk to COM-enabled applications on Windows using the open-source pyWin32 (by Mark Hammond). Here we use Python to control Excel, then we create a Python-based COM server which we call from inside Excel. Possible applications - use Excel as a charting tool, build a scientific/research interface to your Python code, communicate with any COM application, build your own COM servers.

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    This collection is part of the club Showmedo's video inventory. For details on how to access this and other collections, just click here

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