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Python Beginners I Collection

Our Python Beginners' collection consists of the main 'Python for Beginners' set, introducing the language gently, and the accompanying 'Batteries Included', an introduction to all the main Python standard libraries.

This collection sets the stage for our 'Python Beginners II' collection. After finishing the projects there you will want to check out our 'Further Progress with Python collection.

Python for Beginners

With 41 video-tutorials and over 3 hours of material, Ian Oszvald's large Python Beginners Collection takes you very gently from an introduction to the look and feel of Python through to the main elements needed to start programming productively. The series has received some glowing testimonials and is a great way to kickstart your Python programming career.

Python Beginners - What Does Python Look Like?

If you're coming to Python from a different language then you'll want to know how the syntax looks. If you're new to programming then you'll probably want an idea of what to expect too! Here I give you a high-level view of Python's code and common functions and I link to examples from Java, C and C++ to provide comparisons.

Python Beginners - Common Variables and Containers

Python has many datatypes, you'll recognise some from other languages and some may be new to you. In this long series I give 5-10 minute demonstrations of each of the major data-types and containers, along with some discussion of variables and printing.

The aim is to make you familiar with this fundamental part of Python - the usages should stick in your head for easy future reference.

Publishing Schedule - 2 per week from the end of June 2008, there are 14 episodes in total.

Python Beginners - Loops and Iteration

Iterating over a block of code is a very common operation when programming. Here I show you the 'for' and 'while' commands in Python, they let you iterate over a sequence of items and repeat blocks of code under a truth condition.

I'll show you how to use the 'for' loop on a list, set and dictionary whilst using iteration, range and enumerate. For the 'while' loop I'll show you an example of getting user-input (with 'raw_input') to build up a list of answers.

At the end of the series you'll have a firm knowledge for using 'for' and 'while' with Python.

Python Beginners - Functions

This series teaches you how to define your own functions in Python. We cover how to write functions, argument passing, scoping, gotchas and nested functions.

Python Beginners - the 'if' statement

This short series introduces logic in Python by showing you the 'if' statement. Logical control is fundamental to your control of Python programs, this series will quickly introduce you to the basics.

Python Beginners - File I/O

Learning basic file input/output opens up the world of reading data in, manipulating it and exporting or storing it for future use.

In this series we cover reading and writing text files, examples of binary files and using the built-in cPickle (serialisation) module.

Batteries Included

Python comes with 'Batteries Included', meaning you get some hugely useful libraries out of the box. Lucas Holland's series covers basic usage for each of the main included Python libraries. It is a great accompaniment to 'Python Beginners' as well as being a useful reference work in its own right.

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    This collection is part of the club Showmedo's video inventory. For details on how to access this and other collections, just click here

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